Who We Are

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Rocky ElliotElliott is from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. A prairie boy-turned mountain lover and international traveler, his hiking boots have seen everything from trails in the Rockies to European metropolises to the Kenyan Masai Mara.

Equally at ease with global climate change policy as backcountry guiding, Elliott is a staunch environmentalist that is striving to build a career that will allow him to play a role  in creating a sustainable future… but one needs time for travel now and then too.

His hobbies include getting outdoors hiking, canoeing, camping, hunting, fishing, and “adventure-touring” on his big, ugly KLR650 motorcycle, building a personal library of great books (it’s his weak spot), playing music, and learning more about do-it-yourself and sustainable ways of living.


Lisa grew up in Austria with roots in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland. She got her “adventurous spirit” from her badass American Grandma, who embarked on a year-long female-only trip to Europe in 1947. Coming from a multicultural family, she has always been curious about experiencing the world. Trained as an English and Spanish teacher, it is no coincidence that she chose a career that allows her to keep moving around.

She likes to take her hobbies along in her backpack: a diary to hold on to memories, a sketchbook and pencil set to capture moments of life, and a pocket knife and spices to share her passion for vegetarian cooking with locals and fellow travelers alike. Although her international lifestyle does not allow her to pursue do-it-yourself interests like a vegetable garden, pottery, and home canning, she willingly puts those future hobbies on hold for now to allow her to discover a little more of the world.

Together, Elliott and Lisa are an unstoppable team in life and travel. They are a couple who were brought together by exploring the world, and they aren’t about to stop any time soon!


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