The Churchill River Expedition

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What qualifies as an expedition? Does it mean going somewhere extra far, extra remote, or extra dangerous? Or doing it in an extra-interesting or unique way? There are countless adventurers and explorers that have done countless trips worthy of the designation of an expedition, and the types of trip we do could hardly be counted among the ranks of these.

But doing a 1 month canoe trip in northern Canada with a 9 month baby in tow? For us, that’s enough to qualify as an expedition!

Our bags and barrels are packed. Our canoe is ready to go. And the warmth of our wooden paddles in our hands brings back fond memories of journeys past and intense excitement for what lays before us. And all the while, our little daughter Tilly makes us smile as we embark with her on what will go down in the books as our first wilderness expedition as a family!

Some people say we’re crazy. Some people said “do it.” And in a month from now we will all find out who was right in the end!

We don’t have much connectivity while we are on the river, but you can follow along on our planned journey from Buffalo Narrows to Stanley Mission (or further if we have time) by checking out our most recent GPS location here:

Wish us luck!

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