Our Story

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How we met

It all started in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. Elliott was living in Germany at the time and Lisa was studying in Vienna. Chance had it that we both decided to spend a long weekend with friends in Prague, and we both decided to stay at the lovely little Art Hole Hostel.

Charles Bridge in Prague

As is usually the case at most hostels, our two little groups of friends started chatting and decided to check out the city together. Elliott decided it would be a good idea to start flirting with Lisa, but she wasn’t having any of it. That is, at least, until he started talking about Canada, log cabins, hiking boots, and most importantly, a desire to travel the world. That got her attention.

Eventually we split up from the rest of the group and found ourselves on a romantic little night-time walk, just the two of us. We made our way to the beautiful Charles Bridge, lined with statues and offering a fantastic view of the illuminated Prague Castle in the distance. We sat down. A helpful man serenaded us with beautiful violin music. Fireworks erupted over the city (seriously), and we kissed. How perfect is that?

How we fell in love

After our weekend in Prague we both headed back home but kept in touch. Even though we lived in different cities, we weren’t going to let that stop us! A couple weeks later we met for a weekend in the medieval city of Passau, Germany. Following that Elliott was crazy enough to invite Lisa to book tickets for a two week trip to Turkey. After we survived that, it was a month together in Southeast Asia, two weeks in Québec, a week on Mallorca, Spain, etc. etc. Traveling with another person for an extended period of time is never easy- it’s the ultimate test, really- but somehow it seems we were meant for each other.

We still never lived in the same place during all of this time, but that wasn’t a good enough reason for us not to fall in love with each other. As two young people discovering the world, discovering themselves, and taking in a plethora of experiences together, it was pretty much inevitable. We’re now lucky enough to spend pretty much every day with each other in the same place. We are so thankful every time we wake up next to the other person (often in a tent) in the morning. This might seem like a given, but in an international relationship it’s not always that easy.


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