Next Stop: South America

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We’ve been exploring the wilderness in Canada for a couple of years now.  Yet despite how awesome this country is it’s always nice to have a bit of a change. On top of that, it’s impossible to know whether life will play along and allow us to do some of the wild, crazy adventures that we’ve always dreamed of. There’s no time like the present, really, and so…

We’re leaving our jobs, packing our bags, and heading to South America!

For how long? Who knows!

Where? Wherever the road takes us!

What will we do? Hiking in the Andes, swimming in the sea, cruising through the deserts, pretending to be gauchos, drinking lots of mate… and anything and everything else.

Right now the only plan is to fly in to Santiago, Chile and go from there. Do you know anybody we should meet while we’re travelling? Is there anything that we absolutely have to see or do? Do you want to come join us? We’re open to everything, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and help us create our adventure as we go. See you down there!

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